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Our staff is excellent, and we think you’ll love them!

Dawn Smith

President and Executive DirectorDawn T. Smith, BSN, RN

With over twenty years of healthcare and parenting expertise, Dawn has been instrumental in bringing a collaborative approach model to the Media-Cation Foundation board by integrating health care professionals, technology experts, educational powerhouses, and talented youth as key players in developing a well rounded program.

This collaboration has led to the creation of a dynamic literacy program that values equal opportunities for all students.

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Lillian Lomax

Educator, Literacy Advocate, Tutor Lillian Lomax

Lillian Lomax, Senior Program Director, is an educator and early childhood literacy advocate with advanced experience in curriculum writing, classroom leadership, and effective parenting assistance. During a most rewarding forty-five year career, hundreds of children have successfully accomplished their academic goals by participating in effective and innovative activities for literacy proficiency and performance. Her career and volunteer service included work as a literacy intervention tutor, public speaking/vocal coach, musician, and program coordinator at the Media-Cation Foundation.

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Madison Smith

Youth Ambassador

Maddie Rose is a high school scholar, graphic artist, and musician. Maddie is passionate about ensuring all children have access to the same educational tools and exposure to the arts that she has been fortunate to experience. In her spare time she enjoys learning new languages, traveling, creating web sites, writing short stories, and hiking.

Email me: booksartanddessert@gmail.com

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